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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
All You Need is Love

My mom is in love

My sister is in love

My friends are in love

All you need is love


Seeing love is such a beautiful thing to see. I almost find it better than falling in love myself =) It's just makes me smile so much to see happy faces brisked away by a heart of another

All you need is love!

love love love...

All everyone needs is love! Imagine if everyone could, on this Summer Solstice day, bind our hearts together and smile and love and live.

You can't live without love, whether its an object, an animal, nature, the universe, a man, a women, or family

I love you, so live with me?

All we need is love : )


Posted at 07:51 pm by puchiko2

June 22, 2006   11:46 AM PDT
Thank you Mia! (for a second, i thought you were someone pretending to be my cat! XD)
June 21, 2006   11:04 PM PDT
Wow... I just finished writing an entry that was the complete opposite of your entry.

However yours has made me smile ^_^ Your blog is adorable!
June 21, 2006   10:29 PM PDT
Woooow someone had a good day! XD

-rolls up sleeves- All right Planet Earth... GROUP HUG!
June 21, 2006   09:16 PM PDT
oh so lovey-dovey
June 21, 2006   09:11 PM PDT
SHUTAP you know you love it >_>
June 21, 2006   08:53 PM PDT
Haha, but it's cute, and I still love you, lil' sis!

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