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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My new YKO came in today... 2 more volumes until i have to renew or say bye bye to it *empty WALLET gh gh ghh..*

I'm sure this wait will be worth it though! Especially with volume 12 of Trimax comming out on the 24th, Trimax volume 9 comming out in english on the 17th y etc...

23rd+ is when i'm off to camp =T im looking foreward to spending time with my good friends XD apparently its a good camp so im not worried.

Today i also got a postcard from Fran in San Diego!! She reminded me that i *REALLY* should start snail mailing again XD i really really wish i could've gone to SD. But i guess when money's sorted out, i can try.

My good friend Arbor may be helping me out with installing my graphics card today =D she is REALLY an amazing, all around wonderful and helpful friend XD i am SO grateful and unworthy!!

The houseshowing was somewhat promising today. I would love to move this summer, but i can't get my hopes too high up =\


Mood: Blank
Music: Everyone's a Little bit Racist by Avenue Q

Posted at 02:22 pm by puchiko2

July 6, 2006   07:39 PM PDT
Aww.... you're going away??? : ( but at least you'll be having fun right!? XD that's a good thing..

and thankee ;-; that comment makes me feel all warm and fuzzly inside. YOU ARE WORTH *grovels*

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