Entry: The Paper from the bowels of HELL! Thursday, June 22, 2006

DAMN YOU Bouteflica. Damn you and you're cunning ability to slip my mind.

Apples aren't a good breakfast, i was still hungry : ( especially during the exam today. Thankfully Terka was kind enough to give me a kit-kat =DDD

I got to sleep in another hour =\ but i had nightmares of Mrs. B moving me down to level 3 science and the entire class laughing at me, it was horrible!!! Everyone was laughing BUT her! Lauren, it's sick and twisted ;_;

Anywho, only one more exam and i'm THROUGH with Freshman year!! My gosh, it's just been so stupid. I mean, today for example: I'm stilling on the staircase and trying to study and this guy comes down and asks "Hey, do you have a butt?" then adds on "Do you smoke pot?" -_- Contrast to my earlier entries, i imagined him exploding outside and his pieces falling over his friend as his friend screams "HOLY SHIT" and pieces of flesh then falling into his mouth >P

Yeah so, maybe guys at my school are impossible to have any sympathy for, but i still have my awesome friends, and thats all i need ^_^

Tomorrow im going to Canobie, assuming the thundershowers arent going to be... I'm so pumped for school to be out : ) this is going to be such an awesome summer



Mood: Excited
Music: All You Need is Love by Moulin Rouge


June 23, 2006   10:57 PM PDT
sure! XD
June 23, 2006   08:33 PM PDT
Hey theres NO WAY you'd get moved down to level 3 earth science... I can't believe she didnt even laugh in your dream though!!! Maybe she has some sort of telepathy that makes it impossible for anyone to even imagine it.

And I need to get hilary's shoe!! I went out today and stuff.. Tell her I'm sorry!!!

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