Entry: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Tuesday, July 18, 2006

because radka told me to, here's an entry

Looks like my house is getting sold, which means i very well may be moving by the end of September =) unfortunately... this is nearly 200, 000 less than its worth =( kind of dissapointing, because that much could've been used to actually get a condo.. oh well

Today im going to the movies with cait, sanna, radka, and hopefully Ayelet. Ayelet, we miss you! We haven't seen you in ages! XD

Im leaving for camp on Sunday, so no electronics for a whole week!! eeeek, electron level too looooooow XD I really really hope Hilary is comming : ( we need a spork Hilary!! We need you!

I want new Trigun Maximum chapter so baaad ;__; the wait is really weighing down on me >_<

ek well... hopefully my mom will get off the phone now so we can pick up Sanna and go to Cait's house so we can go to the movies!! (Cait's totally going to show off her porn XD)



Mood: Impaitent
Music: Starve Them to Death by Sean Watkins


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