Entry: Oh and stranger things still Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am a bad person... and perhaps it takes a good person to admit it XP

My mom has her new bf... he's wonderful really. But it all goes back to 'lonliness 101' where i'm the one wheeled car stuck at home. When my mother comes home, its like a giddy teen that only talks about her bf more than anything else (otherwise its about bashing my dad and his family)

Maybe im jealous. Maybe im wanting male compassion, too. But i know for a fact that i shouldn't be rotting away the rest of my summer cooped up indoors alone.

Is this the nature of women? Searching for the thing called 'love'? Because i know im obsessed with love. I love love stories, compassion, passion, seeing people fall in love. But i know for a fact that my heart jumps before my brain does. I 'think' i'm in love and make a mistake before i really know, and then run away. *throws a can of milk*

Enough durn moping. XD I have such an impatient nature... really just have to let love come when it may, then to stare at the clock and let time pass you by.


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August 1, 2006   10:18 PM PDT
Hey, worry you not!!! It comes, even though you think you've thought too much about it for it ever to come true. Just another person saying that, I know, but if it has to take nearly 20 years, then let it!!! : D

Just make sure it someone who deseves you when it do v__v

And until i can think up more cliche, im outta here.l
August 1, 2006   03:51 PM PDT

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