Entry: Strange Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's strange

So i was left alone for 2 days, no one in the house but my cat and I. Of course, i was at a party and babysitting... but when im with other familys, i feel spoiled. Like its an amazing gift, and i feel so happy.

I really didnt ask much when my mom went out with her boyfriend... just to pick up some groceries because we were running out of stuff that i can make myself when i am home alone. (canned food)

Hell, i made 100 bucks for babysitting 10 hours for 3 kids. That's a lot. I wouldn't have minded going out and getting groceries, with my own money, so i could have something to EAT. But you know what? I depend on her because she's the only one that can LEGALLY drive. And she gets child support to FEED ME. Is that too much to ask? before babysitting, the only thing i found to eat was an apple and some bread and butter.

Im sorry.. im selfish but... i wish i could stay with Curtis's family... they feel like a real family to me, and they are so nice... SO nice

Sometimes i wish my mom would act like a mother. Or at least do some of the necessities? Buying some food and driving me places isnt too much for a parent to do. For godsake, if she has 2 FULL DAYS TO SPEND WITH HER BOYFRIEND, SHE HAS ENOUGH TIME TO BUY SOME FREAKING GROCERIES. MY GOD. she doesnt even have to WORK!! LMAO i work and earn my money, while she gets to do whatever she wants, when she wants.



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