Saree » hi!
Puchiko2 » w-what?! Major Tom?! is that who i am?! mystery..
Blue Jean » This is Ground Control to Major Tom
Puchiko » hey pony!
randomtrickpony » Hey Pu...Pony says hi!
hi » you got his autograph! that's soo cool!....but ya i feel really bad for his family...and it was such a freak accident
Puchiko » i know i know i loved him.. we even saw him in austrailia and got his autograph! poor guy..
hi » oh and RIP steve irwin
hi » haha you remeber wut i said last year?!! even i dont remember wut i said last year! but now that i think about it...i did get a new bikini last year
Puchiko » you said you got a new one like... last year or something... um... NEVERMIND!! XD;;;
hi » uhhh wut bikini? i have no recollection of this
Puchiko » should we? with the bikini you were telling us about?
hi » i think we should have a special "hi" coner on this page
hi » thank you...i feel much better now
Puchiko » >_> ........... you people.. XDDDD *hugs hi* there there, its ok XD
hilaryy » for the record- hi is *Still* not me. my only secret identity ia mel. ^_^
hi » sry guess who but ive been here longer...try 4 years i believe this is my territory and i only want one secret identity person..thank you
hi » who is guess who? i dont like someone else having a secret identity...IM THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ALLOWED TO HAVE A SECRET IDENTITY..grr
Arbor » MM PORN
Puchiko » EE! *molests back* >_>
Arbor » *molests*
Arbor » hohohohoh, the stalker has arrived.
Puchiko » ~___~ you do realize how sketchy that sounds?
Guess who » See i just want to meet you hell I dont care were...crap its Knives again...gotta run
olivia » i want to come over ur house someday like i use to but ive been so busy lately. now that tennis is over ill plan on it soon!!=] <3
Puchiko » HUZAH!!!!
terka » those "no image" things are looking depressing
Puchiko » EEEEK!
public enemy » TASTING?!?! SOMETHING?!?!! GOOD?!!@!?!
Puchiko » good evening... tasting something good?
Vashy » mmm...
Vashy » ...
Vashy » hi hi
Fantabulous » AWESOME layout, nice job, terka!
terka » thank you so much everyone! (for the layout compliments)
Caitlin » i <333 this new layout!
Puchiko » yes! it's quite lovely, isn't it =D ?
AHS Rebecca » yes, nice new layout. very pretty.
AMKat » Whoa! Excellent layout! All hail Terka, ingenious creator of awesome blog layouts!
Puchiko » AURGH!! who are you o__o;; stallllkerrr!!
public enemy » SPAMSPAMSPAMi stalk you every night o_o
terka » i'm so sorry
Puchiko » booo!! how dare you fix it! XD jkjk
terka » no, i just fixed the code in the side section. they were there the whole time, only made invisible because you didnt end the form command
Puchiko » what are all those pictures down there... were you snooping inside mu photobucket? >_>
terka » but it doesnt work right in explorer... you might have copied the code wrong because the tester blog works fine
Puchiko » yes it isssss
terka » actually, it's beautiful anyway... *sigh*
terka » argh, it's hideous without the pictures!!!!
Puchiko » i totally screwed this up
Puchiko » hi ashley =]
ashley » hi
ashley » hi
Puchiko » danke ^__^
Children Of Nephilim » Happy late birthday
Abo » Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I got you, I got you!!!!
AMKat » And yes, its "the" Christina, indicating that it is not just "any" Christina...
KeyBladeGirl » Happy Birthday!!
AHS Rebecca » Happy Birthday Christina!!!
AHS Rebecca » Happy Birthday Christina!!!
Puchiko » AAAAAH >___<;;
Abo » *DRAWS*
Puchiko » eeeh?! AUGH STOP THAT!! X0;;;
Abo » *draws draws draws* >]
Puchiko » YES!! XDD
Abo » Ps- Amelie is AWESOME movie
Puchiko » thanks rikku! X3
Rikku » YAY just blog hopping. Nice blog ^__^
Puchiko » you too! X3
Puchiko » table dance!
Whiz » MUWAHAHAHA!!!! >D
Puchiko » UREIGH@!!!
Abo » That'll teach you to eat my boot!!
Puchiko » OMFG YOU GUYS ARE TERRIBLE!!!! OW OW OW!!!!!!!!!! THE PAIIN@@!!!
Whiz » Muwahahaha, yes, you SHOULD check Trinut... >]
Abo » Pu, by the way, you should know there is something you ought to see at Trinut....
Abo » Not in golf you don't X0
Puchiko » i was born in the 90's!! 90 is a bigger number, i win!!! XDDD
Abo »'ll pay for that!! I WAS BORN IN THE 80'S!!!!!! X0
Puchiko » *foot print on face* to kick puppies with?? no way XDD *boils and eats*
Abo » *throws Livio boot at Pu* oh, and hey, by the way, I'll need that back when my foot grows back
Abo » It's not the HAT that you should fear.....mwahahahahhaha!!! Hey... wait.....
Puchiko » hmmm... i guess it'd be a pretty scary hat then... XDDD
Abo » I want an Abo hat ;___;
Puchiko » yes, it's me, but that's a puchiko hat i made.. XDDDDDDDDDDD i had to edit the brightness and contrast to make my face show up a little >_>;; it's from 2 years ago!! so sue me XDDD
Abo » At least I think that's you, and that's your hair....and that's fire....
Puchiko » YAAAAAH!!! X___X *jumps into the snow*
Abo » WAAA your heads on fire!!
Puchiko » hahaha, looks like theres competition now ^^
hi »
hi » i def think this comment box should be all hail hi by the way...just thought id voice my opinion
hi » ohh hahah...then im not alone!! yay
Puchiko » nono! we like Julius Caesar! We just dont like getting essays and tests on it ^^
hi » i actually enjoyed julius caesar when i read that werid
Caitylin » wooo Julius Caesar rants! <3 the Antony PAPER!